Kept getting auto special for VW owners to try them vs going to dealership for auto servicing. After getting 3 of these advertisements i decided to see how good/or legitimate these o’outside’ services were. I ALWAYS bring my autos back to the dealerships for servicing because if I have a issue they would and should back up their work 100% in most cases even though I have to pay a little more. In most cases I have TRUSTED the dealerships with my auto service. Brought my car in here finally for a 100k check-up/price was right /picked up car/ had to bring it in the next day because the person did not follow all of the check-off guidelines for the vehicle. Called up the next day and the service mgr(I think) called and told me he will follow up with the person who worked on my car and he will make sure that ‘everything’ was done according to the manual. They sent someone to the house to pick the car up and take it back to the shop to make sure all of the work was done right(I am thinking it was). After returning the car the same day and carefully going over what was supposed to be done, I guess I was satisfied . I have driven the car now for about 3 weeks and have no problems after the 2nd service. Would I try them again? Maybe…everyone deserves a 2nd chance. I still TRUST the dealership more …and I can always go back to them.

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