I am super thankful for Beetlesmith’s and their service! I had pulled up to Ikea for a “quick” errand when the folks herding traffic kindly pointed out to me that I had a flat tire! This wasn’t just my flat tire, it was actually my boss’ car! Not knowing the area very well, I searched on my phone for a nearby auto service place and took my chances with Beetlesmith’s. Jerry was super helpful, thorough and kind in helping me get my (boss’s) car serviced. I was expecting some sort of bill for his time and expertise but he was to the point and helpful, just getting me back on the road again. He helped me get the car back into shape and back home safely, with a few words of advice on next steps to take etc, all with no charge. How neighborly and friendly! I very much appreciated his help that day! When I have my own car in the future, and/or I’m ever in need of auto service in Renton again – I’ll definitely be visiting Beetlesmith’s.

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