For many years now, your family owned shop has been our go-to place to have our family’s cars tended to. Having 3 kids and a minimum of 5 cars in the family, we have gotten to know each other pretty well over the years. A recent big repair on my son’s Ford Explorer just reminded me of the type of concern and all out service your team provides. The car had been in your shop for about a week and we were anxious to get it back. Friday came but your tecnicians were not completely satisfied that the re-build was up to their expectations. So, Brad & another team member came in on their day off to check it out one more time, at no extra charge ! What commitment ! Not to mention the phone calls and apologies for the lengthy repair. How wonderful and rare to enjoy this kind of service and to have faith that they have your best interests in mind. Thank you Jerry, Brad, Jeremy and your entire team at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto.

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