Easy to make an appointment that fits my schedule. Did only the things the work that was requested which was an oil change for a 2006 VW Jetta TDI. The work was done in an approximate time of a little over a hour which included checking auto fluids and other basic maintenance checks. This is my third time to this automotive place from a coupon in the mail stating that their pricing is less than the dealership with the same type of workmanship. The first time coming here (which was also a special mailer) I wanted them to do a 100k service which their pricing was a lot less than the dealership. After the work was done and I picked up the car and drove it home I noticed some of the things which were supposed to be done on the 100k service was not done. I made a quick phone call and explained to a person in charge of my dissatisfaction, They sent a person out right away to my house to pick up my car and that HE would be the one to make sure that ALL of the work that was supposed to done on the 100k job was performed to VW requirements. The car was brought back the next day to my satisfaction. I always recheck my car after each service wherever my car is serviced (and this time I was satisfied) So, this 3rd time (oil change) I decided to see if their advertisement in the flyer was right on the money. It was!!! Thank you Ps..Would I come back again? probably

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