100% Happy with the work and the service. Jerry fitted me in for a buyer’s inspection at the last minute. They even gave me a ride to and back from Ikea, so I could shop while I waited. They checked over everything and gave me a very clear report how everything checked out and highlighted the things they thought I should get taken care of if I purchased the car. They even ran the car fax and downloaded they blue book information about the car, even though I didn’t ask for them to do this. They took their time to talk to me about the report to make sure I understood it. They even went over the car fax and blue book. Really went above and beyond. They were done early and charged me exactly what they said they would. Read some of the bad reviews, sometimes car repairs are going to be expensive. It is not the mechanic’s fault. These guys are great. I am completely confident in taking my car in for repair or service.

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