Suspension & Steering 

A vehicle’s suspension and steering systems work together to keep your car in control. They are both important to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience when your car goes over bumpy roads. But what do they do, and why are they so important to maintain?


The suspension system connects the vehicle to its wheels. It also supports the vehicle’s weight and creates a stable and smooth driving experience for you.  Furthermore, traction is provided because the system keeps the wheels on the ground as much as possible. This is what enables you to go over bumpy roads without damaging your vehicle. Without this system, it would be dangerous for a car to even try to travel as its wheels would be pulled away from the road every time it goes over a bump. This system is a combination of shock absorbers and springs that are finely tuned to lessen the effects of going over a bumpy road for a safe and smooth ride. Getting this regularly checked is a MUST as any error in the suspension system can cause heavy damage to your vehicle. We at Beetlesmith’s want to give you the safest and most efficient options in making sure your suspension system is in top shape.


On the other hand, the steering system is the driver’s way to control a vehicle. It is attached to the suspension system via the steering column and pivoted joints. It also ensures that the wheels turn when required and that the car follows along as it is driving with the suspension system. Just like its partner, the steering system needs precise adjustment as any faults and looseness in the joints can make steering and driving dangerous. Getting this regularly checked is also a MUST as it works together with the suspension to make driving precise, safe, and comfortable.

Here at Beetlesmith’s, we carefully inspect these systems to make sure that you will travel with the utmost safety and comfort. Any problems with the suspension and steering system can be checked and fixed by Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service Shop top-quality mechanics.

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