Shock & Struts

Does your car need a suspension check? How do you know? The easiest way to determine if your cars shocks, struts or alignment needs service is a visual inspection of your tire wear. If there is uneven wear – more wear on the outside than inside – you may need an alignment?

Some other things that may indicate that you might need an alignment.

1 – Does your steering wheel vibrate while your driving?
2 – Does your car want to shift from to one side or the other while you are driving straight?
3 – Are you driving straight ahead but your steering wheel is not centered?

In addition to these pretty obvious signs, check your vehicle owners guide to see how often the manufacturer recommends getting an alignment. The reality is that wear and tear and normal usage does result in the need for an alignment. Getting this important service will make your car safer to drive and save you money in the long run on tire replacement before it’s normal time.

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