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Top 9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Renton Diesel Repair Company.

When it comes to auto diesel repair, you need a reliable and professional company that you can trust. If you’re living in Renton, you of course want a local shop with affordable prices and exceptional customer service. But choosing a diesel repair company is a big decision. You have invested time and energy into choosing the right vehicle, so be sure to choose an auto diesel repair company that will treat your car as well as you do.

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Here are the top 9 things to consider when choosing the right diesel repair company:


  1. Licenses & Registrations – Of course you want a repair company that is licensed and registered. The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) issues licenses to auto repair shops when they are qualified to perform certain tests and repairs on vehicles.

  2. Professionalism – Professionalism is conveyed in many ways. It doesn’t just end at customer service. You also need to consider the certifications and on-going training that a shop’s technicians have. Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service has ASE certified technicians that will take care of your and your vehicle to the highest standards, each and every time. Other shops may have certifications in auto repair, electronic systems, exhaust systems, and other repair categories. However, you should look into a repair shop’s association with automotive organizations, such as ASE and AAA. Beetlesmith is endorsed by both of these organizations. This ensures the staff’s continued education, staying current with new equipment, and the overall quality of customer care.

  3. Shop Appearance – The shop’s appearance may not seem like an important thing to consider as any auto repair shop is going to have its fair share of grime and grit. But the importance of the shop’s appearance goes beyond just overall cleanliness. The auto repair shop should be well organized and have efficient programs in place for optimum auto repair. They should have all their policies clearly posted in the shop. You also want your Renton auto repair shop to have the most up-to-date equipment.

  4. Location, Hours, & Availability – You obviously want your Renton auto diesel repair company close to your place of employment and your home. You need to ensure that the shop’s hours will work with your own schedule, and you should find out if they allow after hours or before hours vehicle drop-off or pick-up. If you have questions or problems with your auto repair, you need to know if and how you can contact a staff member at the repair shop.

  5. Hourly Fees – Everyone knows that auto diesel repair can be expensive. Basic parts alone cost enough without considering the added cost of hourly labor fees. Typically, bigger shops with more staff will have higher hourly rates, but you should compare hourly fees at different Renton auto diesel repair shops before making your final decision on where to bring your car. Don’t just rely on the estimate that the repair shop gives you. Instead, find out the division of the costs between hourly labor fees and parts fees.

  6. Staff – A great staff is an absolutely necessity at any place where you are going to spend your hard-earned money. But how do you know whether the staff at your Renton auto diesel repair shop is great or not? You’ll have an initial idea as soon as you talk to a staff member. Is that person helpful, considerate, and knowledgeable? Are the manager and staff members willing to go above and beyond to get you the best value for the best service? Beyond that, you need to look into the professionalism, as mentioned previously. Check to see if the auto repair technicians have certifications and advanced training.

  7. Guarantees – You need to know what to do if, for some reason, the repairs that the shop makes on your diesel vehicle do not hold up. Or if something else goes wrong right after you just had your car repaired, what should you do? A lot of diesel repair shops will guarantee their work. If they do, get a copy of their guarantee and a phone number to call in case you have a problem. If they don’t guarantee the auto diesel repairs, talk to the manager to see if you can work something out if the repairs are unsuccessful.

  8. Specialization & Industry Certifications – While non-diesel vehicles and equipment are somewhat similar to their diesel counterpart, there are some differences. When searching for a Renton auto repair company, you need one that specializes in diesel equipment. Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service is a Certifed Bosch Service Center, one of only 155 in the entire United States. More than 50% of the parts in a typical diesel engine are made by Bosch. You need a repair shop that is endorsed by the manufacturer, and that’s what you’ll get at Beetlesmith.

  9. Shop Reviews – One of the best ways to discover the value of a Renton auto diesel repair shop is to talk to its previous customers. Check out the company’s website or Facebook page, or see if they are supported by the Better Business Bureau.
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