Battlesmith’s Valley Auto Service Tire Center

In Washington’s rainy climate, reliable tires are essential! When you let your tires wear down you risk hydroplaning, spinning out around a corner, and more. For residents of Renton, WA, you can take care of your tires and engine maintenance at the same time! More than just a one-stop-shop for cars, we are proud to have experts in every specialty of auto care. 

We have a tire for every size and budget. To help protect your tire investment, we perform four-wheel computerized alignments for every tire fitting. Properly aligned wheels promote even tread wear, increasing the life of your tires. We take pride in understanding your problems and solving them efficiently. It’s our mission to provide the best tire services for your vehicle.

If you have a leak, unaligned, or any damages that prevents you and your vehicles safety, stop by to let us know how we can put our tire expertise to good use for you.

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