Hybrid and Electric Cars

Hybrid cars were once considered almost science fiction. The electric cars of your favorite science fiction shows have given way to the high mileage technology that is currently within reach of many Washington drivers today. In particular, with the establishment of federal fuel economy standards and some of the incentives given to purchase these “green” vehicles, many hybrid cars and electric vehicles are now on the road in Renton and vicinity. The question is then how to properly maintain your vehicle and make the most of your investment? That’s where we come in.

Hybrid and electric cars take specialized knowledge to service properly. Fortunately, Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service in Renton invests in the training and state of the art equipment required to perform these modern technical services on today’s vehicles.

Our team of automotive technicians are qualified to perform the services that your hyrbid or electric car needs. Whether you have a Prius with a Hybrid Synergy Drive – an impressive piece of technology – witth the innovation of the PSD or Power Split Device, or another one of the new innovations in high fuel economy/electric car technology, Beetlesmith’s is here to help.

Some of the services we perform

Renton Electric Vehicle Repair
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