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Car Accident Collision Renton WA

Did you get in an accident? Unfortunately, almost everyone finds themselves in a fender bender, or more serious accident, at some point in their lives. Driving on the road is always a risk, and this is precisely why it’s so important to follow safe driving habits. Here in Renton, WA, traffic is always bustling with activity and the roads are full of busy commuters. Should you find yourself in an accident, Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service in Renton is here for you!

More than just engine repair and maintenance, we can take care of your auto body as well, and do so in a timely manner. Your car’s safety is our top priority, but it’s appearance matters, too! Both of these are important considerations when undergoing post-accident repair. You need the peace of mind knowing you can drive safely on the road without worrying about a broken down car. You are also allowed the confidence of driving a vehicle that looks new and polished!

Whether a serious accident or a fender bender, Beetlesmith’s can help! Our expert collision repair staff has been fixing everything from bumpers dents to side swipe damage and beyond for decades. We are prepared to provide you the same care. You need to know that you get to choose where you take your vehicle! Insurance companies may tell you where they want you to take your vehicle for body damage, but in Washington State, the law says that you get to decide! We’d be honored to be your choice for autobody repair in Renton.

So if you need a reliable and professional repair for your vehicle, we got your back. Stop by or give us a call to see what we can do for you. Our team is at your service!

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