If you’re planning a road trip, then you know how important it is to make sure your car is ready for the journey ahead let the experts at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service go through your road trip check list before you go. Taking the time to get your car ready for a road trip will ensure that your car has no problems and that you have a more pleasant and safer ride. Here are five things to do before you hit the open road.

Check Your Tires

Making sure your tires are in good condition should be one of the first things on your pre-road trip checklist. Look for any signs of wear and tear, as well as any nails or debris that may have become lodged in the treads. Low tire pressure can increase fuel consumption, reduce tire life, and even cause blowouts in extreme cases. Make sure all four tires are properly inflated by checking them against your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure levels listed in the owner’s manual or inside the glove box door. If all looks good, then you’re all set!

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Change Your Oil

It never hurts to get an oil change before a long drive, since driving longer distances can put extra strain on your engine due to heat buildup. An old oil filter can also cause damage by blocking the flow of oil throughout the engine, leading to increased friction and wear and tear. To avoid any issues during your road trip, it’s best to get an oil change right before you leave (and bring along a spare filter).

Dirty oil can reduce fuel efficiency and put extra strain on your engine over time, so it’s best to change it regularly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines (usually every 3,000 to 5,000 miles). By changing your oil before taking a long trip, you may save yourself from having any unexpected mechanical issues while away from home.

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Check Fluids & Belts

Your car needs several different fluids—brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant—in order to run properly and protect itself from damage caused by heat buildup. Make sure these fluids are at proper levels before leaving on your journey; this will help prevent any costly repairs down the line. The technicians at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service can check all belts for signs of visible wear and tear; if they look worn out or cracked, replace them immediately before embarking on your road trip.

Replace Windshield Wipers & Lights

Even if you don’t think about them very often, windshield wipers play an essential role in keeping your visibility clear while driving in wet weather conditions. If they seem worn out or cracked, replace them with fresh wipers before departure day so you can stay safe while driving through rainstorms or snowstorms during your journey. Also double-check all lights—headlights, taillights, turn signals—to make sure they’re functioning properly so other drivers can see you on the road clearly. Poor visibility due to worn-out windshield wipers can be dangerous during rain or snowstorms, so make sure yours are in proper working order before setting off.

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Pack Emergency Supplies & Tools for a Road Trip

Emergencies can strike anytime and anywhere—so why not prepare ahead of time? Pack an emergency kit with essential items like jumper cables, flashlights/batteries, flares/reflectors, first aid supplies etc., just in case something goes wrong while you’re out on the open road!

Finally, make sure you pack some emergency supplies like jumper cables and tools like screwdrivers and wrenches just in case something happens while on the road where these items come in handy (like changing out a flat tire!). It’s always better to prepare ahead of time rather than wait until something goes wrong when there’s no time left! And don’t forget about snacks too; trust us when we say snacks come in handy when traveling with children!

Preparing for a road trip doesn’t have to be stressful; just follow these five tips to make sure everything is running smoothly before leaving home! Checking tires and fluids levels, replacing windshield wipers and lights as needed, getting an oil change prior to departure day (and bringing along a spare filter), packing emergency supplies/tools ahead of time – these are all simple tasks that Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service be the first stop on your journey! Happy travels!

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