Having brake service done regularly is an essential part of car maintenance. At Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service, we understand the importance of brakes and brake service for keeping drivers safe on the road. Not only do brakes help you stop quickly in emergencies, they also provide better control over your vehicle while driving.

Regular brake inspections will help identify any potential problems with your brakes before they become more serious. Our team of expert technicians are trained to detect even the slightest issues with brake systems, so you can be sure that when you come to us for brake service, it’ll be done right the first time around.

Learn All You Need to Know About Brake Service and Getting Brakes Checked

Maintaining brake service and brake checks are essential for preventing brake failure and keeping your family safe on the road – especially in our wet climate. When a brake system fails, it can lead to catastrophic consequences.

At Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service, our technicians are trained to perform brake service in accordance with industry standards and the manufacturer’s guidelines. This means that they know exactly what kind of brake system is required for each individual vehicle, as well as which components need to be checked during brake service.

Brake maintenance includes more than just inspecting brake pads. It also requires checking brake fluid levels, testing brake rotors, checking brake lines and hoses for leaks or damage, inspecting calipers and pistons, lubricating moving parts such as wheel cylinders or slide pins, checking brake pedal play, and replacing worn out brake pads or shoes when necessary.

It is also important to pay attention to signs of potential problems with brakes during everyday driving. For example, if you experience unusually long stopping times or grinding sounds when braking then these could be signs that your brakes need to be inspected by an experienced technician as soon as possible. Worn out brakes can also cause vibrations in the steering wheel while braking or make loud squealing noise when applied.

Overall, regular brake service can help you maintain the performance of your brakes and reduce the risk of serious accidents due to faulty brakes. The experts at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service have the knowledge and experience needed to inspect your vehicle’s brakes thoroughly and provide top-notch brake service that meets all industry standards.

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The Sign of Poorly Maintained Brakes

Failing to maintain brake service can have disastrous consequences. Without regular brake inspections and brake checks, you may end up with brakes that are not functioning properly or even completely fail when you need them the most. This can lead to a variety of dangerous situations such as skidding, tire blowouts, and accidents.

When brake pads and brake shoes become worn down, it can cause a range of problems that can compromise the performance and safety of your vehicle. Some of the most common signs of brake wear include brake pedal pulsing, a brake pedal that feels soft or spongy, brakes dragging or sticking when applied, brake squealing or grinding noise when brakes are applied, longer than normal stopping times, vibrations in the steering wheel while braking, and brake fading.

In order to keep your vehicle safe on the road and ensure proper brake functioning, it is important to have regular brake inspections done. At Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service our technicians specialize in brake service and brake checks so you can be sure that any potential issues will be caught early before they become more serious.

Beetlesmith’s Ultimate Guide to Recognizing Issues with Your Brakes

Brake Pedal Pulsing:

When brakes are first applied after some time has passed without use, brake pedal pulsing may occur as a result of worn out brake pads or rotors. This usually happens when the friction material on the brake pads has worn off, leaving only metal to metal contact between the brake pad and rotor which consequently causes a vibration when brakes are applied.

Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal:

A soft brake pedal is another indicator of worn out brakes. A soft brake pedal can be caused by several different issues including air in the braking system due to a leak in one of its components as well as worn out seals or pistons within the calipers that allow hydraulic fluid to bypass them causing a decrease in pressure in the system. It’s best to have your brakes checked immediately if you notice this symptom as it could lead to adverse consequences such as complete brake failure if left unattended for too long.

Dragging or Sticking Brakes:

If you experience difficulty releasing your foot from the pedal after applying brakes then this could be an indication that something isn’t right. This usually indicates issues with one or both front calipers not releasing correctly due to lack of lubrication on moving parts such as slide pins or corroded pistons inside calipers preventing them from moving freely which makes them stick when applied.

This can also potentially cause damage to other components like rotors due to excessive heat buildup if left undetected for too long so it’s important to take care of this issue right away by having your brakes checked at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service. One of our expert technicians who have extensive knowledge about all kinds of brake systems.

Squealing Noise When Brakes Are Applied:

A high-pitched squeal noise is another common sign that you need new brakes because it indicates that your old ones have reached their limit and need replacement. Usually this sound is caused by a small metal tab called an indicator attached on each side of the inner part of disc brake pads which make contact with each other vibrating at very high frequencies when brakes are applied causing a loud screeching sound warning drivers about its deteriorated condition.

This noise doesn’t always mean new brakes are needed since sometimes sand particles may get stuck between components causing similar noises, so it’s important to have experts inspects your vehicle’s brakes in order determine what needs replacing, if anything at all, before proceeding with repairs or replacements unnecessarily.

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Longer Than Normal Stopping Time:

Another symptom indicating potential issues with your car’s braking system is increased stopping distances. Usually, this becomes more noticeable over time progressively increasing until eventually reaching dangerous levels putting drivers at higher risk for collisions due accidents resulting from inadequate halting performance. Therefore, it’s highly recommended having mechanics check up on these kinds problems frequently rather than waiting until problem gets worse. Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service provides exceptional service specifically tailored towards all sorts individual needs making sure customer satisfaction guaranteed every time.

Vibrations In The Steering Wheel While Braking:

Vibrations occurring inside steering wheel during application brakes could point towards several different problem. These problems can range from warped rotors due excessive heat buildup after repeated use. Over time, this heat-induced buildup allows particles accumulate unevenly throughout surface eventually turning into a rough surface, causing shaking pressing down foot onto pedals. These kind symptoms require professional attention since highly specialized equipment required detect exact underlying problem.

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At Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service, we understand the importance of brake service and brake checks for keeping drivers safe on the road. Our team of expert technicians are trained to detect even the slightest issues with brake systems, so you can be sure that when you come to us for brake service, it’ll be done right the first time around. We offer comprehensive brake services including brake inspections, brake fluid level checks, testing brakes rotors and lines/hoses for leaks or damage, as well as lubricating moving parts such as wheel cylinders or slide pins. With our expertise and attention to detail, you’ll get your vehicle back on the road safely in no time!

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