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Read on for a brief but informative visit through the history of American automobiles from Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service and repair shop Renton.

A History of American Automobiles from Beetlesmith’s – The Top Repair Shop Renton, WA Has to Offer!

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Ford’s Moving Assembly Line Concept

The moving assembly line concept was introduced by Henry Ford in 1913. It was inspired by conveyor belts used in grain warehouses in the Midwest. This innovative concept reduced the assembly time of a Model T engine from 594 minutes to 226 minutes. It also increased the volume of cars produced. The concept became popular in the auto industry.

This technique is still in use today. In 2013, the Ford Motor Company completed 6 million cars. During this time, Ford remodeled many of its factories to make full use of natural light.

The assembly line was an attempt to reduce cost and labor. By combining interchangeable parts with subdivided labor, Ford was able to reduce the number of workers required to assemble a vehicle.

Henry Ford’s move changed the business world. His goal was to produce a low-cost car that everyone could afford. He believed that the best way to accomplish this was to make it possible for workers to earn a living wage.

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Chrysler’s K Platform

The Chrysler K Platform is a very important part of the American automobile history. It was a successful platform that underpinned nearly fifty different models. In fact, it helped save Chrysler from bankruptcy. Afterwards, Chrysler would go on to resurgence.

The platform was based on a front engine, front wheel drive layout, and a trans-axle. While this setup is now the norm for most cars, the K-Car was a comparatively new design for the 1980s.

This platform paved the way for fuel efficient, small cars. For example, the Ford Focus ST is a great example of a fuel-efficient sports car.

Several domestic auto manufacturers began building compact vehicles to compete with Japanese imports. Lee Lacocca, former head of Ford, realized that sharing parts could help cut costs.


GM’s Expansion Overseas

General Motors has been making waves overseas since the company was founded. Since then, the auto giant has set up operations in China, Germany, France, and Argentina. It has also invested in auto producing ventures in Tunisia and Nigeria.

As the American auto industry continues to shrink, GM and other automakers are looking for economies of scale. Investing in overseas markets allows them to reap profits in these regions without having to rely on a domestic market. In fact, GM says that it has found steady growth in the Chinese automotive market.

GM has long lost money in South Africa and India. The automaker announced that it would end production at its Talegaon plant in India in January. That would put the carmaker out of the country by 2020.


Changes in Traffic Control

The history of traffic control in the United States involves many changes over time. From the days of horse-drawn carriages to the modern day automobile, the emergence of traffic control devices has changed the way travelers are able to move.

In the early 1900s, the mass production of automobiles began a revolution in travel. This created new traffic and safety practices. Eventually, congestion problems led to the construction of highways and extensive traffic control.

While the automobile began the revolution in travel, it did not make roads any easier to navigate. Drivers could lose their way due to lack of directional signs. Traffic lights and other signals began to take over as the solution.

These devices are used to regulate traffic, interrupt traffic flow, and enhance the level of service. They are generally installed at right of way intersections.

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