Be prepared for an emergency situation. This topic is very important to us at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service. We care for you and want you to be prepared. This is especially at the turn of the season where we start to see more weather-related accidents. Being located off the busiest roads in Washington State, we see the best and worst case scenarios. One thing we have learned from our experience with collision repair and stalled vehicles needing repair or maintenance, we know that it is always a great idea to be prepared for any situation.

There are several things you can do to be prepared for an emergency and one thing you can do is be prepared with items that can help in an emergency.  Read the list below to learn what you can add to your vehicle to be ready in most any situation.

Be Prepared for an Emergency with These 5 Items

1. Road flairs: Road flairs can be very important in an emergency. Whether you are stranded in a remote location, stalled on the side of the road – potentially without any power to your vehicle, or if it’s just super dark outside during an emergency, road flairs can typically be of great use.

There are dangers when you are a stalled vehicle on the side of the road, especially at night and it is a great idea to make yourself as visible as possible to passersby or those trying to locate you to help. The flairs could help you be found in a remote location as well.

We think these new electronic road flairs are a pretty great alternative to traditional flairs.

be prepared for an emergency2. Vehicle jack and lug wrench: These two items go together naturally, so we decided to pair them up. It is always important to have the ability to change out a tire. No matter if you tires are old, new or somewhere in between, debris in the road way and several other factors could cause a tire to blowout. With a vehicle jack and lug wrench, you can get a blown tire replaced in no time and be on your way for a tire replacement with us.

3. Jump Starter Box: This is one of the most useful tools to come out of modern technology to help you be prepared for an emergency. Gone are the days where you need to flag down a stranger to jump your car if you lose power to your vehicle. Most jump starter boxes also have ports to charge your phone and some even have a light to help you see what you’re doing if it’s dark outside. These nifty devices are available through most major automotive retailers or online retailers like Amazon.

4. Water and Snacks: In the event that you are stranded with your vehicle for a while, it is a great idea to have something to eat and drink. Being prepared for an emergency means being prepared to hydrate and eat. Water bottles and foods that can stay fresh to eat for long periods of unuse are great options. Some people even pack MREs due to their long shelf life and ease of preparing with little efforts.

be prepared for an emergency5. Emergency First Aid Kit: In the event of an emergency involving you and your vehicle and it’s best to be prepared to treat any wounds. There are many levels of first aid kits available at all major retailers – automotive, groceries, online, etc. Chose the kit that seems like the best fit for you.

Bonus item: Pack a book! It might be a long wait if you’re in an emergency. If you are stuck, it might be a great opportunity to crack open the pages a good story. We hope that this is the only item you truly need to be prepared for an emergency (well, besides the snacks!)

We at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service hope this list has been helpful for you to be prepared for an emergency in your vehicle. In the event your vehicle does need repair, we would love to help navigate the repairs with you. Save our number (425) 251-8787 and give us a call if you need us.

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