We’ve talked before about how different smells can point to different kinds of issues in your vehicle. But what about car sounds

There are good sounds that come from a car for sure; the hum of the engine, the purr of acceleration, the familiar whoosh of the A/C. But for all the good car sounds, there are also several car sounds that are concerning and should never be ignored. Here are 5 sounds that point to an issue with your vehicle.

5 Car Sounds that Require Immediate Action

1) Grinding brakes.

When functioning properly, you shouldn’t heard your brakes at all when slowing down or stopping. Grinding sounds coming from the brakes signals that metal parts of your brakes are touching where they shouldn’t be. If left unchecked, this grinding can cause damage to the rotor. If you hear any noise or feel sputtering while braking, take your car into your location mechanic immediately. Prolonging this can lead to faulty brakes, putting you and your loved ones at risk. 

2) Banging under the hood.

Tapping or banging sounds coming from under your hood can point to potentially serious issues with one or several components of your car. This can include connecting rods, pistons, or valves; all of which are essential for helping your car run smoothly. If you hear this type of noise coming from under the hood, head to your mechanic immediately to get the issue diagnosed and dealt with. This can also sound like ‘clunking’, or like something keeps tapping on the inside of your hood repeatedly. 

3) Squeaking when accelerating.

Squeaking under the hood may be a sign of an issue with the universal joint (U-joint) found on rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. If you hear squeaking whenever your accelerate, take your car into the shop ASAP. Another car sound associated with a bad U-joint is a clunking sound followed by ringing when shifting into reserve from drive.

4) Popping or clicking with turning

If you hear popping or clicking sounds when you’re turning it may be caused by a damaged CV joint on the front axle of your suspension. This type of issue should be handled as soon as possible, a damaged CV can drastically decrease your car’s handling.

5) Chirping engine.

Chirping under the hood may be a sign of a loose or damaged serpentine belt. It’s important to get this type of sound diagnosed immediately, as a defective or malfunctioning belt can lead to permanent damage in the engine. 


It’s always important to stay vigilant. If you hear a sound in your car that doesn’t sound quite right, it’s best to take it in to the professionals. If you are experiencing these or any other mystery car sounds, come to Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service in Renton. We can help diagnose the problem, solve the issue, and get you back out on the roads safely. Schedule an appointment online. 

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