We all like to think that we’re safe drivers with no bad driving habits. We follow speed limits, brake for pedestrians, and don’t drive under the influence. But how safe are you really being on the road? Though we hate to admit it, most of us have some bad driving habits that can put both ourselves and other drivers at risk of getting into an accident. Here are three bad driving habits you should stop immediately to stay safe during your commute.

Bad Driving Habits to Break

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving safely is impossible unless you are fulling present and paying attention. In 2019 alone distracted driving claimed more than 3,000 lives. Below are some of the top habits of distracted drivers that can lead to accidents.

1.Taking phone calls

Taking a phone call while driving can be dangerous. According to Smith System, it can take up to 13 seconds for the brain to refocus after using a cellphone. That’s 13 seconds that your brain isn’t actively engaged in defensive driving. Additionally, a recent study has found that cellphones increase reaction time in emergency braking situations by 18%. This doesn’t just apply to physically picking up your phone. There is no evidence that hands free devices actually increase safety.

2. Texting and driving

It might seem harmless to send off a quick text to a loved one, but that text could post you gravely. Nearly 1 out of 4 car crashes are caused by texting and driving. In fact, according to one article, texting and driving is 6 times more likely to cause an accident driving drunk. Err on the side of caution and wait until you’ve reached your destination to reply to that text.

3. Primping and Grooming

bad driving habits

We’ve all been there; late for a meeting, scrambling to get things in order, and trying to make ourselves look presentable. While it’s a common issue, it’s also a dangerous one. Looking in a mirror, brushing hair, or other forms of grooming can take precious seconds away from your reaction time, keeping you from taking action in an emergency situation.

Though these tips to fix bad driving habits might seem like no-brainers, they can save lives. Distracted drivers are responsible for an estimated 2.5 million car crashes every year. Make sure to stay engaged on the road. It only takes a few seconds to things to go array. Our team at Beetlesmith hopes you stay safe on the roads. If you do get into an accident, let our team at Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service in Renton take care of you and your vehicle.

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