Spring is here and in full swing. The weather is slowly turning and flowers are blooming after a long grey winter. If you’re among those of us who deep-clean this time each year, you may be wonder what you can do for your car. Just like your home, your car could use a spring tune-up this year to make sure it’s running the best it can be. Here are five things you should have checked up on next time you visit Beetlesmith’s. 

Your Spring Tune-Up Checklist

  1. Wiper blades. Throughout the winter your wiper blades have no-doubt gotten their fair share of use. But even though the weather is starting to turn it’s still essential to make sure your blades are up to par. April and May can bring torrential downpours here in Renton; It’s important to be prepared. The last thing you (and we) want is for your wiper blades to give you issues when you need them most.
  2. Brake check. This winter your breaks have been working overtime. Stop by Beetlesmith’s for a brake check to make sure they’re working properly before an issue arrises. It’s important to check every aspect of your brakes, including fluid levels and brake pads. For a visual on what that might look like, watch this video by AAA on break fluids.
  3. Tires. Now is the time to check the tread on your tires. If you’ve had snow tires on this season, now is also a good time to change them out for all-weather tires. If you need guidance on whether your tires are still good or what new tires to get ask one of our technicians. We can help you find the tires that fit your budget and will benefit your car most.
  4. Car batteries. Contrary to popular belief, heat waves are worse for a car battery than cold snaps. As the weather begins to heat up it’s a good idea to get your car battery boosted. Making sure it’s securely in place will also help extend its lifespan and keep it running longer. Car batteries last three to five years, so if you’re in that range it may be time for a new battery altogether. Our team offers battery and starter repair services to help get your car back up and running.
  5. Fluids. In addition to brake fluid it’s a good idea to top off any fluids that may have gotten depleted over the cold winter months. Topping off your radiator fluid will help keep your engine from overheating this summer. Refrigerant keeps your A/C functioning properly, helping you stay cool in the hot days to come. Transmission fluid helps lubricate gear shifts and cool the transmission. All of these fluids are essential for a well-running car to get you to your summer destinations.
  6. Bonus: One more thing that is important check is your air filter(s). Making sure you’re getting clean air pumping into your cabin and engine is essentially as tempuratures increase.


This spring make Beetlesmith’s Valley Auto Service your one-stop-shop for your spring tune-up. We service all makes and models, and our expert team is ready to serve you and your car. For more on the services we offer visit our services page!

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