I am honored to be asked to submit a sort review of this vendor!! Beetlesmith has been a valued service vendor of SAC Wireless/PNW for the last 2 ½  yrs.  In the Telecommunications industry, each our cell tower teams are assigned a truck and a trailer.  Since most of our new cell tower installs are in remote and sometimes mountainous regions, out vehicles get their share of heavy use. Beetlesmith has been above and beyond the norm in both servicing our BRAVO trailers professionally and competently and getting those vehicles back to us in a timely manner! Not only do they handle all Preventive Maintenance, but they are there for emergency repair as well.

I’ll recognize one recent occurrence:  A foreman was heading to a new install site and had a tire blowout on his trailer on I-5 near Tacoma. This was horrendous as the site he was headed towards had a crane awaiting on-site.  I contacted Richard and he was successfully able to migrate a tow truck to the highway, get the tire changed and allow our foreman to continue to site for the build! This saved costs for crane rentals daily are immense!

This is but one of many instances where Beetlesmith has been there to meet the needs of SAC Wireless in a seamless and professional manner and I HIGHLY recommend them to any company.

Thank you,

Alonzo Whitehead
Warehouse Mgr/Fleet Mgr

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