Need to keep cool while driving around Renton? We have had some really hot days recently and that can make your car a bit miserable if it’s not blowing to cool air you need! Are you planning a road trip to get away after being quarantined in your home for months? Your car’s air conditioning needs a check-up, so everyone stays comfortable on your journey.

Yes, fall will be here soon. Did you know your car’s heating and cooling systems work in tandem? If you want to stay warm this winter, that’s another reason to check your car’s air conditioning this summer.

The cabin air filter needs replacement at regular intervals. A filthy filter causes reduced cooling, stresses your air conditioning system, and makes your car smell bad.

The refrigerant level may be low and need a boost. Parts get clogged, or rusty. Leaks develop.

If fans make funny noises, your car smells bad, or you’re overheating with the air conditioning on, bring your vehicle by Beetlesmith’s. We’ll get you cooled down quickly.

For a limited time, Beetlesmith’s is offering a FREE Comprehensive Duct Cleaning with each AC Service! Beetlesmith’s is also proud to be an Authorized BG Products Dealer and offer the BG Frigi-Fresh AC cleaning products.

Call today for your AC Tune-up! Ask for our multi-point inspection when you come in. Our certified technicians will swiftly get your air conditioning system in tip-top shape.

If you would like to know more about Air Conditioning, please check out this vide from our friends at Napa Auto Care! Beetlesmith’s is happy to be an authorized Napa AutoCare Center!

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